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Anyone who has ever suffered from anxiety knows how hard it can be to live with this terrible disorder. Luckily, while there is no known cure for anxiety, there are a variety of treatments that people who have been diagnosed with this mental disorder can pursue. These range from therapy to medication to other treatments that are less known. While the specific type of treatment plan will vary for each individual, there are some kinds of anxiety treatment that work for most anxiety patients.


Therapy is the most common form of treatment for people who suffer from an anxiety disorder. There are various kinds of treatment for various kinds of anxiety disorders. While the specific treatment plan will differ for each person, the results are usually very quick. Many patients improve significantly in less than ten therapy sessions. What makes therapy a preferred treatment option over medication alone is that therapy seeks to get to the root of the anxiety-causing issue and solve the problem essentially from the bottom up, whereas medication only treats the symptoms and does not fix what is causing them. More information and detail on various therapies for anxiety disorders can be found here:




Medication is often prescribed by doctors to help decrease the effects of anxiety. While medication may not be as effective as therapy, when coupled with therapy, it can help to nearly eliminate the symptoms of anxiety. There are many kinds of medication that are used to treat various anxiety symptoms, so it is important to talk to a psychiatrist before deciding to start taking a prescription. Here is a list of some common anxiety medication and what symptoms they treat:

Other Forms of Treatment

Many people do not want to take medication, but feel they need a little more help than therapy provides. Others simply want things they can do themselves to help their anxiety, without always having to rely on a medical professional. Still others find that therapy and/or medication helps their anxiety, but they are unable to afford both of these continuously. Whatever the situation, some people have found other forms of treatment that can greatly reduce anxiety attacks. Many people have found that calming practices, such as meditation and yoga, are very effective in treating their anxiety, while others have had success by doing things like acupuncture. For even more forms of treatment that can help with anxiety, visit this website:


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